• Mischief, Magic, and Mind Bombs

    Disruptive ideas for a more beautiful world

  • What We Do

    We help changemakers tell their story, and help storytellers change the world.


    Image by Iris Maertens, The Moon Candy Rebellion

    Build a mind bomb.

    Ideas that ripple out in shock waves around the world...

    The world doesn't need little stories about incremental change. It needs big, booming, transformational stories. Stories that leap over the seven seas to the four corners of the globe at the speed of thought. Stories that hack the world's operating system. We're creative strategists who love building mind bombs -- we'll help you light a fuse.

    Image by Iris Maertens, The Moon Candy Rebellion

    Find your storytelling magic

    Workshops? We call them playshops...

    Creativity isn't unleashed around the usual meeting table with a speakerphone. We'll take your team on a magical journey down a rabbit hole where all the rules get broken. Whether you need a three day workshop on culture jamming modern mythologies, a day's introduction to story as theory of change, or a half day of exercises to build new storytelling muscle to bolster your communications, campaigning, or fundraising, we've got unconventional methods to bring out your most beautiful mischief.

    Image by Iris Maertens, The Moon Candy Rebellion

    Tell your organisation's story

    Once upon a time, there was an organisation without a story...

    A powerful organisational story is a way to align your staff and resources, bring clarity to your work, and help you inspire your audience to answer your call to action. Or your call to adventure. We'll work with your team to identify the story elements and the narrative you need to bring your story to life, and to truly live its values.

    Image by Iris Maertens, The Moon Candy Rebellion

    Get inspired

    Need a speaker? A speech?

    From scripting a TED talk to writing a children's book to producing some of Greenpeace's most successful video content: we love telling stories to a crowd. We can talk about our activist histories and the future of activism. Or the hurdles and high points of how we brought a new story to life at Greenpeace. We have salty seafarer stories and magical tales -- and decades of lessons in organisational change, growth, and reinvention to share.

  • Who We Are

    Brian Fitzgerald

    Senior Story-Hacker

    Brian's stories include stopping a nuclear weapons test in the Nevada Desert, sailing to Iceland to save whales, living on an olive farm in Italy and an embarrassing fall, as a trainee pilot, from a hot air balloon. In 35 years at Greenpeace he bounced from box to box in the organogram: from door-to-door canvasser to campaigner to communications director to fundraiser, deck hand, digital pioneer, action coordinator, and story teller. He remains an unapologetic believer in peace, love, and understanding.

    Tommy Crawford

    Chief Mischief-Maker

    Tommy's stories include breaking the world record for the biggest consecutive striptease, disrupting Milan Fashion Week with some beautiful trouble, choosing poems over jumpers to keep him warm in a forest in Devon, and a magical moment with a fox. He led a pirate band of communicators at Greenpeace to create a new organisational story, was Creative Director of the global Detox Campaign, and still made it home in time for tea and crumpets.

  • Clients

    We have been around for only a year, but we've delivered a half dozen communications and engagement strategies, run a workshop on a boat in the Bosphorous and a mountain in Austria, and advised non-profits on everything from organisational storytelling to big, bodacious tactics.


    Our clients include Transparency International, VIER PFOTEN International, Funding Fish, MedReact, Greenpeace, THNK, and Friends of the Earth.


    We've delivered day-long storytelling trainings for staff from Oxfam, Latte Creative, Campact, The Transnational Institute, World Future Council, ActionAid, Compassion in World Farming, Gyro London, The Bible Society, Open Society Foundations, HERA, and Cause Impact. We've helped young digital activists learn the art of online storytelling at Latte Creative's Building Digital Campaigns conference in Italy.


    We've delivered keynote addresses at The Amsterdam Dance Event and Huygens Talent Circle.


    And we've provided pro-bono introductions to storytelling for groups whose work we've loved.


    Want to have a taste of our secret sauce? Get in touch for a free consult.


  • Upcoming Events

    International Journalism Festival Perugia, Italy

    April 5-9th

    Panel discussion: storytelling, the press, and environmental disasters.


    Brian will be joining a panel of Italian journalists to discuss disruptive storytelling in the digital age.


    In particular, the panel will consider the role of stories about natural disasters in the larger narratives of climate change and the human journey.


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