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  • What We Do

    We help changemakers tell their story, and help storytellers change the world.


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    Build a mind bomb.

    Ideas that ripple out in shock waves around the world...

    The world doesn't need little stories about incremental change. It needs big, booming, transformational stories. Stories that leap over the seven seas to the four corners of the globe at the speed of thought. Stories that hack the world's operating system. We're creative strategists who love building mind bombs — we'll help you light a fuse.

    Image by Iris Maertens, The Moon Candy Rebellion

    Find your storytelling magic

    Workshops? We call them playshops...

    Creativity isn't unleashed around the usual meeting table with a speakerphone. We'll take your team on a magical journey down a rabbit hole where all the rules get broken. Whether you need a three day workshop on culture jamming modern mythologies, a day's introduction to story as theory of change, or a half day of exercises to build new storytelling muscle to bolster your communications, campaigning, or fundraising, we've got unconventional methods to bring out your most beautiful mischief.

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    Tell your organisation's story

    Once upon a time, there was an organisation without a story...

    A powerful organisational story is a way to align your staff and resources, bring clarity to your work, and help you inspire your audience to answer your call to action. Or your call to adventure. We'll work with your team to identify the story elements and the narrative you need to bring your story to life, and to truly live its values.

    Image by Iris Maertens, The Moon Candy Rebellion

    Get inspired

    Need a speaker? A speech?

    From scripting a TED talk to writing a children's book to producing some of Greenpeace's most successful video content: we love telling stories to a crowd. We can talk about our activist histories and the future of activism. Or the hurdles and high points of how we brought a new story to life at Greenpeace. We have salty seafarer stories and magical tales -- and decades of lessons in organisational change, growth, and reinvention to share.

  • Current Culture Hack

    We Were Made For These Times:
    8 Stories that Covid-19 made blaze with truth.

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    By hacking the underlying stories that shape our culture, we can transform the crises we face into opportunities for real change

  • Founding Foxes

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    Brian Fitzgerald

    Senior Story-Hacker

    Brian's stories include stopping a nuclear weapons test in the Nevada Desert, sailing to Iceland to save whales, living on an olive farm in Italy and an embarrassing fall, as a trainee pilot, from a hot air balloon. In 35 years at Greenpeace he bounced from box to box in the organogram: from door-to-door canvasser to campaigner to communications director to fundraiser, deck hand, digital pioneer, action coordinator, and story teller. He remains an unapologetic believer in peace, love, and understanding.

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    Tommy Crawford

    Chief Mischief-Maker

    Tommy's stories include breaking the world record for the biggest consecutive striptease, disrupting Milan Fashion Week with some beautiful trouble, choosing poems over jumpers to keep him warm in a forest in Devon, and a magical moment with a fox. He is a poet, artist, and fountain of ideas. During his time with Greenpeace he led a pirate band of communicators to create a new organisational story, was Creative Director of the global Detox Campaign, and still made it home in time for tea and crumpets.

  • Forest Friends

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    Iris Maertens

    Iris is a graphic designer, illustrator and digital ninja. She uses a wide range of media and techniques including paper, canvas, murals, oil, watercolour, pen and pencil and well as digital media/social media. Iris spent her youth unleashing creativity at either the piano or the drawing table. She studied at the Royal Atheneum of Fine Arts and later completed an MBA in Graphic Design and Web Design at the Royal University College of Fine Arts in Ghent, Belgium. When she started to travel she began reintroducing illustration into her work, drawing rather than taking pictures of her adventures. In 2010 she did her first solo-exhibition of illustration work at the 't Ey culture club, in Belgium. At the moment she lives between Canada and Chile. She enjoys making a living out of the thing she loves doing most and believes a drawing a day keeps the doctor away.

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    Lucy Taylor

    Lucy was with communications consulting firm eatbigfish when she brought her talents as a professional facilitator, improvisational actress, and puppeteer to the task of helping craft the Greenpeace Story with Dancing Fox founders Tommy Crawford and Brian Fitzgerald. She holds degrees from Oxford University and has been on learning adventures at Embercombe and Findhorn. Her other talents include singing and cold-water swimming. Great bookstores make her happy. She lives in London with a tiny toddling human being.

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    Maeve Simons

    Whether planning an event or proofreading a book, Maeve is an enthusiastic organiser, of people, places, and things. A trans-Atlantic child with a passion for conservation, she grew up with one foot in California's Mojave Desert and the other in the chilly waters of the Irish Sea. She received her Masters in English Literature from University College Cork in Ireland before joining the Communications team at Greenpeace International in Amsterdam. Since then, Maeve has worked with a variety of NGOs and corporations as a media consultant, event planner, project manager, and a Getting Stuff Done-r. When she's not behind her computer working or writing, you'll generally find her in the local park with a science fiction novel, admiring other people's dogs.

  • Collaborators

    We work with some of the most beautiful troublemakers on the planet

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  • Upcoming Events

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    Yes Activism

    November 1st, 2021

    Join poet and ceremonial storyteller Tommy Crawford and facilitator and puppeteer Lucy Taylor for an immersive and experiential session exploring the subversive power of play — and the deep magic hidden within an invitation.

    Drawing on lessons from constellations, human-design and improv theatre, Tommy and Lucy will introduce you to two small words that can have a BIG impact on your ability to develop bold and bodacious ideas, and to turn these ideas into projects and campaigns that will surprise and delight your audiences.

    Together we will explore how we can create long-lasting and meaningful change through injecting our activism with outrageous amounts of generosity, beauty and kindness — a healthy dollop of mischief to boot.

    This event is completely free as part of Hawkwood's Climate Action Lab IV from November 1st-3rd, which also features sessions with the likes of Vandana Shiva, Charles Eisenstein and Sam Lee.


    Sign up for free here


    #ShakeUpTheSystem #COP26 #LessCarbonMoreMischief

  • Upcoming Events

    A journey into unmapped territory in climate communications - for our friends at the European Climate Foundation

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  • Register for The Power of Story

    A day of storytelling magic

    NEW DATE! 

    Calling all activists, artists and social change-makers! 

    On June 29th Brian Fitzgerald and Lucy Taylor will be running the ever-popular Power Of Story training in London. 


    This is a fun-fuelled, day-long deep dive into how story can make your campaigns more effective, your communications more powerful, and give your fundraising more heart. 


    We laugh, we cry, we play and, most importantly, we learn to tell stories that inspire change.


    You'll discover how to map the story of a campaign, organisation, or movement using a simple story template which has helped teams around the world open up insights into strategy, tactics, and audience. We will work with Marshall Ganz’s Story of Self, Story of Us, Story of Now framework to learn how we can create compelling personal narratives that connect people’s heads and hearts behind a call to action. We'll explore creative techniques and brainstorming methods that borrow from the world of improv theatre. We'll share a powerful set of tips and tricks for idea creation, including one that was taught to us by the creators of Ted Lasso back when they were members of the Boom Chicago theatre group in Amsterdam!


    This is learning by doing, and by having fun. The day is highly interactive and will feature group work, energizers, inspired storytelling, a touch of magic, and the joy of playing with hope-inspired people who are working for a better world.


  • Training

    The Power of Story

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    A playful one day course

    Change the story, change the world

  • What does the fox say?

    Stuff we've said on some podcasts with our foxy friends.

  • Story Mapping

    Our foxy gift for you: A magical story mapping tool

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    If you attend a Dancing Fox training, you'll learn about this story mapping technique — a great lens through which to think about your campaign or organisational story. It not only helps simplify your message, but draws you into deep thought about precisely the monster you're trying to overcome, the gift you are giving to your audiences, and all the elements that make up the epic story you need to tell.
    Check out the open source gizmo we made here. 

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